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Domain Types

There are many types of domains having different types of extensions. such as:--
1) .com
2) .net
3) .org
4) .biz
5) .info
6) .co.uk
7) .org.uk
8) .me.uk
9) .com

1) .net = It is mainly used internet service provider.
2) .org = It is used mainly by non commercial organization.
3) .biz = It is mainly used for business purposes.
4) .info = It is mainly used for site that are mainly designed for provide any helpful resource. whether it is commercial or non-commercial.
5) .co.uk = It is mainly used for businesses.
6) .org.uk = It is mainly used for non-commercial organization.
7) .me.uk = This extension is mainly used for personal use.
8) .com = It is used for general purposes.